One school’s experience of an online workshop

Are you thinking about booking an online workshop from the Noisy Classroom, but wondering what it would be like? Here, Robin Churchill from Orchard House School gives an account of his experience.
Having researched Noisy Classroom’s services and fit for our school I was keen to engage, then lockdown came and the priority to move to on-line teaching pushed this to the back of the queue.
However, as our topic on argument and debate approached, I reviewed our plans and reached out to and was delighted to hear they had adapted their model to deliver their workshops on-line. After a telephone conversation and check of the diaries, we were off!
Alison, our consultant, was approachable and responsive to questions as we approached the day, providing us with great preparation material and ideas to help the children be ready for the day. The children were so excited to be together as a year group and the flurry of excited messages as the day started was exciting enough. Alison guided us through the process, pinpointed specific areas the children needed to pay attention to, and used video excerpts to illustrate her points. Groups then split up to organise their response to the debate motion and the children were fully engaged together for well over an hour of concentrated discussion and distribution of tasks.
The ensuing live debates were conducted most effectively, the appointed pupil chairmen doing an especially good job, with interventions and responses handled really well by the speakers. All too soon it was time to wrap up and it was clear from the children’s responses they had enjoyed a rich learning experience. All the staff involved enjoyed the workshop and the subject leader for English was vociferous in his praise.
This has given our school a renewed enthusiasm for debate and the possibilities of engaging in different ways to enliven the on-line experience for our children. Thank you Noisy Classroom!
If you would like to book an online workshop email or see our bookings page for more details.
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