Debating and Cultural Exchange

I accompanied a group of 8 debaters from Clapton Girls’ Academy to the World Schools Debate Academy in mid-June. Now, while at Noisy Classroom we love all forms of debating, we might have a slight bias towards the Worlds Schools Format. Alice and Debbie both debated for England when they were at school and Debbie …

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Oracy and Robots

Before you start wondering, Noisy Classroom hasn’t decided to move into the field of robotics (at least, not yet). Today, we are thinking about how technology can have an impact on oracy. While they may have been slow to adapt, schools have now embraced technology; from smart whiteboards in the classroom, to biometric scanners in …

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Maths and debating

There are certain subjects, and certain students, that debating seems particularly well suited too. The potential PPE candidate. The aspiring lawyer. A history lesson on the causes of the first world war. Most English lessons. Similarly, there are certain students and certain subjects, where the assumption is that debating is ‘not for them’. In an …

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Speaking and Listening has been re-branded as “oracy” and now it’s being taken seriously

Speaking and Listening in education have had a rough time over the last few years. They have been removed from the GCSE English assessment and downgraded in the new primary school curriculum. Nick Gibb has been quoted as saying that raising the profile of spoken language could “encourage idle chatter in class”. Clearly what speaking …

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