Keep Kids Talking

The Art of Talking

Opportunities for family talk during arts and crafts activities Sometimes as parents we settle our children down with paints, play dough or colouring books in hope of twenty minutes of peace to get on with our jobs, but at other times it is a joy to sit down and be creative alongside our little ones. …

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Let’s Talk About…What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

What’s wrong with the pictures below? Spot the deliberate mistakes! There are so many odd things going on in these seemingly normal every day scenes! How many things can your kids spot? Some great stimulus for discussion! #KeepKidsTalking  Talk about what’s wrong, and how they’d do it differently.      

Board Games to Encourage Speaking and Listening and Communication

These classic board games can be purchased at Amazon at the links below. However, don’t worry if you aren’t able to get the games because they can easily be replicated at home with a little preparation. Articulate / Taboo (2+ players) Skills: vocabulary development, fast thinking, communication, team-work Articulate Taboo DIY Instructions: First, devise a …

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Hot Seating 

Fancy being someone else for a change? Speaking games can allow everyone to escape their own lives for a short time… Run out of things to talk about at dinner? Why not “invite” some interesting figures along to mix things up a bit…Try these fun games over dinner, on your daily walk or as a morning …

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Balloon debates

The idea behind balloon debates is that a hot air balloon is sinking and the only way to save the riders is to throw one out. If a figure is thrown out their role in and contribution to the world disappears as though they had never existed. Here’s a way you could play this at …

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