Using an hour to prepare a debate

Debating competitions such as the World Schools Debating Championships often require participants to prepare a debate in a short period of time. In the case of the World Schools Championship, this time period is one hour. It’s also a really good way to get a classroom debate spread over two lessons (one for preparation, and …

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Different forms of rebuttal

Rebuttal – constructive disagreement with what someone else has said in a debate or discussion – is a really important skill. Here are some different ways of going about it. 1. “We do not agree with that argument” Example: Point: “It is the government’s duty to protect people from themselves” Rebuttal: “No, the government has the duty …

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Debating across the curriculum

Debating for all: Much more than just a co-curricular activity Many schools have debate clubs and enter teams into debating competition, but debate should be more than this. It can be a powerful learning tool for all children when it is used in the classroom. Some of the advantages of using debate across the curriculum …

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