Balloon debates

The idea behind balloon debates is that a hot air balloon is sinking and the only way to save the riders is to throw one out. If a figure is thrown out their role in and contribution to the world disappears as though they had never existed.

Here’s a way you could play this at home:

  • Each family member chooses (or is assigned) a famous person to speak for: they have to argue why their person should get to stay in the balloon because of how valuable their life is or was
  • At the end of the debate, the family votes on who should stay in the balloon.
  • This might be a good one to do on zoom with another family so that there is someone independent to vote or maybe one person sits out to be the judge, but it could still work if everyone taking part votes.
  • You need a minimum of two people debating for it work.

You could theme the balloon with for example children’s writers, footballers or scientists or you could mix it up so that Roald Dahl finds himself up against Ronaldo!

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