Would you rather…?

Do your kids love to play “Would you rather…?” They may well want to come up with the grossest choices they can think of so here are some ideas for you to throw into the mix:

Would you rather…
  • Have a pet or a phone during lockdown?
  • Be all by yourself for a month or never by yourself for a month?
  • Be a millionaire or have perfect health?
  • Live in a big house with no windows or a small flat with lots of windows?
  • Be as big as an elephant or as small as a fly?
  • Be a professional musician or a professional sports player?
  • Have the power to speak to animals or the power to become invisible?
  • Be an astronaut or be a racing car driver?
  • Be the Queen/king or be the Prime Minister?
  • Have Superman’s powers or Harry Potter’s powers?

To get the best quality talk out of this game, make sure that everyone explains their reasons for their choices. Question their decisions too; can you think of different circumstances when you might change your mind?

Top tip: write these questions and any others you think of on slips of paper and put them in a jar. Pick one out when mealtime conversations are flagging.
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