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To do (essential pre-hard-launch)

  1. HR: Fix default image displayed on Facebook / Twitter when sharing a page Harold, 24/3/2017

To do sometime soon

  1. Partners section of “meet the team”. Need to add:
    1. Linklaters  Added by Debbie, 24/3/2017
    2. new college of the humanities  Added by Debbie, 24/3/2017
    3. camintac Added by Debbie, 24/3/2017
  2. I have some of Richard’s lesson plans from last year to add to secondary oracy ideas but I’m not sure about adding documents to download. Added by Debbie, 24/3/2017
  3. We still have all the new documents Alice wrote before Xmas to add. Added by Debbie, 24/3/2017
  4. Topic stimulus sheet sidebar in both oracy activities pages.  Added by Debbie, 24/3/2017


  1. Book list under Oracy Matters – including links to Amazon (monetised)
  2. Videos including Lewis TED Talk and Voice21 videos under Oracy matters
  3. Sample resources from Shakespeare Schools Festival and Sapere.


  1. ‘Resources’ custom-post type fixed, and links added to 3-a-side and BP writing frames, Harold, 25/4/2017
  2. Case studies up (menu item under Oracy Matters + mentions on Primary/Oracy Activities and Secondary/Oracy activities Harold, 25/4/2017
  3. Changed slider on homepage from “Welcome to our new website” to “Critical Oracy for schools” Harold, 24/4/2017
  4. Add ‘Topics of the Week’ and ‘Words of the Week’ in for last few weeks. Alice, 24/4/2017
  5. Fixed video scroller on primary oracy activities page to include primary-relevant videos only Harold, 24/3/2017
  6. Created these private intranet pages Harold, 24/3/2017
  7. Add Google Analytics to UfD and NC sites Harold, 24/3/2017
    • Alice – let me know what email you use to access Google services, and I’ll add you, too
  8. Added caching to Noisy Classroom site to speed up page loading times Harold, 24/3/2017
  9. Fixed issue with Typekit not pulling in Tablet Gothic fonts to UfD site Harold, 24/3/2017
  10. Shorter prompt sheets uploaded Alice, 2/5/2017

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