With families spending more time together in their homes, how can you keep kids talking? Hopefully you can arrange some FaceTime/zoom/Skype time with their friends but the majority of their conversations are going to happen within their family. Families now have lunchtimes together and, if they were using wraparound care, possibly breakfast and dinners/teas/suppers that they weren’t used to as well. With the trusty “what did you do today?”  a bit redundant, how can we keep conversations going and minds sharp?

Noisy Classroom is sharing ideas to #keepkidstalking from dinner debates to rounds  of “Would you rather…?” to speaking-based games to pass the time.
You can find resources here on the website, on twitter @keepkidstalking and our facebook page 
All of these resources are free to families. They are not meant as additional work but as talk-rich  ways of families enjoying time together. Please let us know if you have any feedback or other ideas for us to add.
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