#SpeakforChange – Oracy All Party Parliamentary Group launches new inquiry

Call for evidence: Oracy All Party Parliamentary Group launches new inquiry

As a member of the Oracy Network we are supporting a new parliamentary inquiry Speak for Change which is seeking to improve oracy education in schools. MPs who are members of the Oracy APPG are calling on the education sector to have their say and submit evidence. We need your help to promote the inquiry to ensure we gather a wide range of views from across society and highlight how important oracy is for the next generation.

There is a growing consensus as to the importance of teaching children and young people to speak effectively and with confidence, in order to aid their learning and prepare them for life beyond school. However, despite the vast recognition from teachers regarding the importance of oracy, many children are still missing out and there is still much debate as to how this can be achieved and delivered.

The Speak for Change inquiry will investigate the current provision of oracy education in the UK, assess its value and impact, and identify the barriers teachers are facing in embedding and prioritising oracy in school.

A call for evidence is now open and the inquiry will welcome written and video submissions from across the education sector, industry and civil society. Most importantly, it will ensure the views of teachers, parents, children and young people are represented.

To find out more please contact inquiry@oracyappg.org.uk, visit www.oracyappg.org.uk to download the Terms of Reference and submission guidelines. Please help us spread the word @AppgOracy #SpeakforChange.

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