Wednesday, March 15 is World Speech Day

The 2017 World Speech Day will be taking place on Wednesday, March 15.

Last year there were over 250 events in some 30 countries across the globe; this year events are planned to take place across 80 different countries!

Each event involves some prepared speeches (lasting roughly 5 minutes) and also gives the audience the opportunity to make short, impromptu speeches. Events will be added to a livestream online, so they can be watched by audiences across the world.

Noisy Classroom are delighted to be promoting World Speech Day and are encouraging as many schools as possible to get involved too.

All you need to do is select some students and film them giving speeches. It could be a small, in-class event or could become a huge whole-school event, even involving parents and members of your local community!

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If you would like to learn more about using public speaking in schools, book a public speaking workshop, or have some CPD training on teaching public speaking, please email

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