Let’s Talk About…Inventions!

This is a great oracy activity to really stimulate the imagination. We never fail to be impressed and astonished at some of the incredible ideas and solutions that children come up with when asked to invent something that will solve a problem or make something easier. For this task, ask your child to first draw or model their invention and then talk you through it. For some excellent inspiration, visit:

Kids Inventions Turned Into Reality

Some questions to ask, either in advance or when your child goes through their invention are:

  • What problem did you want to solve?
  • How does this solve it?
  • Who will it be most useful for?
  • What/who will you need to make it?
  • How much will it cost to make?
  • Is there anything similar out there?
  • Are there any variations or adaptations you could add?

If you want to take your child from inventor to entrepreneur, move on to our Dragon’s Den Game next!


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