Group work

Group work is an effective tool for active and collaborative learning. To make sure it works in your classroom:

  • Give the group clear instructions
  • Remind the group of the features of effective group work
  • Have a focussed and clear aim of the task
  • Consider the composition of the groups ( e.g. do you want to group by ability and set differentiated tasks or have a spread of ability in each group?)
  • Issue roles within the group if necessary. Have you considered using:
    – A Chairperson, whose job it is to make sure that everyone in the group contributes and is listened to
    – A Secretary, whose job it is to record notes of the discussion
    – A Spokesperson, whose job it is to report back to the class
    – An Ambassador, who meets with ambassadors from other groups to share ideas
    – An assessor, whose job it is to observe all of the groups and report back to the class on the good features of group work and what could be improved

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