London is a great place for teenagers to live

  • What is your favourite thing about living in London?
  • And your least favourite thing?
  • Is London a safe place to live?
  • Is London an affordable place to live?
  • Are there lots of things to do in London? How much do they cost? Do you have to be with an adult to do them?
  • What is life like for teenagers who live in other places in England? In the countryside? In other countries?

FACT: There are roughly 279 museums and art galleries in London

FACT: Roughly 8 million people live in London

FACT: Life in London costs, on average, £1,500 more a month that a life of the equivalent standard costs in Manchester

You could also think about litter, parks, traffic, museums, public transport, schools, tourists, the river, housing and anything else you know about living in London or other places.

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