Make a change

A quick exercise based on the timeless question, “what would you do if you could change the world?”

Presentations: Body Language

In this video, Alison looks at how you can make your presentations more powerful by using effective body language.


Cerys looks at the arguments for and against using quotas as a form of affirmative action

Presentations: Introductions & Conclusions

Developing strong introductions and conclusions for your presentations. In this video, Alison explains the importance of a strong introduction and conclusion when planning a presentation, and gives you some ideas to try out for yourself.    

Presentations: Breathing & Resonance

Breathing & resonance are two essential considerations when delivering a presentation – it’s no good being clear and distinct if your listeners can’t hear what you’re saying! In this video, Alison explains the basics of breath control, breath support and the resonators. Practising these techniques will help your voice to carry, so you will be …

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