Mission and Manifesto

Helping your pupils become persuasive speakers, critical listeners, analytical thinkers and engaged citizens.

We are a training organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of speaking and listening in the classroom.

We help teachers use a range of debate, discussion, dialogue, role play and enquiry as part of the Noisy Learning experience.

A noisy classroom can be both inspirational and rigorous; we love all of the vibrant, active work going on inside it and campaign against the idea that only a silent classroom is an effective one.

All students should leave school as confident and articulate adults and our team of experts is dedicated to fostering those skills.

Our Manifesto

As toddlers, we learn to speak by listening to those around us. Speaking & Listening is essential throughout our education, whether the learning outcome is reading or writing, science or history, a target-led GCSE examination or free-wheeling creative work. The workplaces of tomorrow will be based as much on face-to-face discussions, zoom calls or videos as on traditional reading and writing. So, pencils down and ears open for our Noisy Manifesto …


A Noisy Classroom can be a sign of engaged pupils who are active in their learning.


Silence is important for reading, writing and reflection but it is not always the golden rule. Debate, discussion and dialogue are vital too.


Teachers are always in control of the decibel levels – the classroom is only noisy when they want it to be.


Not everyone can always make noise at the same time; teaching good listening skills is at the heart of the Noisy Classroom.


If we want to send off confident and articulate young adults into the world, we must let them practise their spoken skills as well as their reading and writing.


Please be considerate of your neighbours. Warn them in advance of a noisy lesson or try to book another space in the school.


Please be open-minded to noise. Don’t assume that a noisy classroom is out of control – it could be where the most exciting learning in the school is going on.

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