Regional and national programmes

Run a project for your cluster or network – local or national  

Oracy projects, and debating in particularly, are well suited to being run through networks of schools. Bringing your schools together for debating competitions or celebration events is a good way to build links and a sense of community.

Case study: Up for Debate

In 2015 the Noisy Classroom launched its biggest programme to date: Up For Debate in partnership with the PiXL Club. This has involved developing extensive resources, providing teacher CPD and running a national competition for over 200 schools who are members of the PiXL Club.

Case studies: Local authorities and clusters

We have supported Enfield Local Authority in running their primary school debating programme, Wandsworth Local Authority in running both their primary and secondary Model United Nations programme, the North Downs Cluster in running their primary and secondary oracy project, The University of Northampton in running a debate outreach project and Northampton High School in running a debating programme for their local state primary schools. These all involve running workshops for staff and students and facilitating and judging competitions.

Deliver a community investment project for your business

Many companies are committed to supporting their local schools and to raising communication skills. We can tailor a schools debate or oracy project to match  your business’ Community Investment priorities. This can involve your staff or partners as volunteers if desired.

Case study: Linklaters

For nine years the Noisy Classroom worked with Linklaters to build and support Debating in schools in Hackney. This involved working with 40+ primary schools, six secondary schools and one Special school. We ran pupil workshops, staff training, competitions and developed online, paper and video resources.  Primary schools visited Cambridge for the chance to debate in the Union chamber and secondary teams visited the world schools debate academy in Slovenia. Teams from Hackney won both the primary and secondary London debating Championships. We placed a member of staff in Clapton Girls Academy two days a week to embed debate in the culture of the school. This extraordinary partnership shows that we can run a programme as large and exciting as your ambition and budget will allow but we can also offer smaller projects to suit your needs.

Develop debate or community engagement resources or run a debate project for your organisation

Many organisations provide education resources for schools. Some of these may want to include ideas for building communication skills or debating key ideas. If you wish students to give presentations on your charity’s key goals or to debate your NGO’s priorities then we can help.

Case studies

  • This year we partnered with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to support Shakespeare Week by developing debating resources for their website and running school workshops, CPD and public events.
  • In 2019, Noisy Classroom developed oracy resource packs and videos with Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the English Language IGCSE as part of their Resource Plus offer to schools.
  • The Noisy Classroom has supported the Citizenship Foundation in developing resources for advocacy skills to support students in active citizenship projects in their community.
  • One World Lesson included Noisy Classroom resources to help students all over  the world to debate the Millennium Develolment Goals.
  • We enjoyed writing analyses of great speeches to support the education work of the British Library.

Run workshops for students who are engaging in your projects

Communication skills are fundamental to so many projects. You can hire in our trainers to run workshops for the students you are working with. These might be in debating, presentations, advocacy or interview skills.

Case study

We have offered public speaking training, live and online, to young people through the Access Project and St. John’s College Oxford’s Inspire programme and to groups of visiting Chinese students through Cambridge International Academy.

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