Oracy across the curriculum

We’ve gathered together lots of our favourite resources to help improve oracy in your classroom. We have different formats, lesson plans, and case studies of schools across the UK.

We also have resources for building discrete oracy skills and ideas for improving oracy in a co-curricular setting


Use these formats to create lively, focussed discussions which improve your students oracy without detracting from the content of what you are teaching.

Lesson Plans

Want to have subject-specific slant on oracy? Use our plans to create dynamic and exciting lessons, full of opportunities for speaking and listening.

Case studies of secondary schools 

We’ve visited various schools across the country which have all successfully embedded oracy into the culture of their school. Read about they’ve done it and take away tips for your school.


Debating in the classroom 

Debating can be a fantastic way to really develop students analytical skills and confidence when speaking. If they really catch the debating bug, why not set up your own debating club? 

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Oracy Videos

Full debates can be a great way to teach the debating format and slowly build your students’ confidence, or you can target their listening skills by getting them to watch and judge one of the debates.
Show one of our games before giving your students a chance to try it out themselves

Oracy across the curriculum