Debate Clubs

Debating beyond the classroom

Starting a debating club in your school for the first time? Have a well-established club, but looking to really develop and challenge your debaters? Somewhere in between?
We’ve got all the resources you need to establish a club, teach your students how to debate, and then push and challenge them once they feel comfortable with the format.


We’ve gathered together a huge number of debating topics over the years. Use one of ours for your club, or peruse our selection to inspire you to create your own. We also have stimulus sheets for lots of topics, which can help novice debaters and less able students feel more confident when preparing for a debate.

Building Skills

These games and exercises are great ways to help develop your students’ debating skills. Use them as a starter activity before diving into a debate, or even devote a whole club session to working on a specific skill.

Debate Videos

Full debates can be a great way to teach the debating format and slowly build your students’ confidence, or you can target their listening skills by getting them to watch and judge one of the debates.

Show one of our games before giving your students a chance to try it out themselves.


Debating competitions are a fantastic way for your students to meet other interested (and argumentative) students, develop their confidence and analytical skills, and spend a whole evening or day improving at debating.

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