Keep Kids Talking

More Games to #KeepKidsTalking

Earlier in the year we shared some great ideas for family board games that will #KeepKidsTalking. Here, we share some more games that are ideal for promoting conversation, discussion and oracy skills in a fun and entertaining way. What’s in the Box Skills: vocabulary development, fast thinking, creative thinking, imagination This game involves a small …

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Let’s Talk About…Inventions!

This is a great oracy activity to really stimulate the imagination. We never fail to be impressed and astonished at some of the incredible ideas and solutions that children come up with when asked to invent something that will solve a problem or make something easier. For this task, ask your child to first draw …

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Talking Pictures

Here’s a fun one to try with the ‘Talkr App’: 30 seconds to give an insight into a modern /historical or literary figure. The app allows you to turn any photo or picture into a 3-D speaking character. You can also play around with the pitch to alter the voice of the ‘character’. Either capture …

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Would you rather…?

Do your kids love to play “Would you rather…?” They may well want to come up with the grossest choices they can think of so here are some ideas for you to throw into the mix: Would you rather… Have a pet or a phone during lockdown? Be all by yourself for a month or …

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Pros and Cons

We live in a very divisive age where many people are only willing to listen to those who agree with them (their echo chamber) and are rude and insulting to those with different opinions. Being able to see both sides of an issue is a key part of being a tolerant person and teaching children …

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