Introduction to Debating in Jersey

This week Noisy Classroom has been in Jersey, working at Le Quennevais School. We delivered a whole-day introduction to debating workshop to 30+ students in years 8, 9 and 10. During the course of the day students hypothesised what they would do if they ruled the world, wrangled with ‘The Trolley Problem’, took part in lots of games and exercises, learned the 3 v 3 debating format and took part in four full length debates of their own.

It was a great session and the students really got stuck in. For some, it was a day where they were able to channel their confidence and energy in a new direction and work on really developing their analytical skills. For others, it was a day that pushed them out of their comfort zone and required them to be really brave and speak in front of others, perhaps for the first time. However, by the end of the day each and every pupil had taken part in a debate.

After school staff attended a twilight CPD session which focussed on ways they can improve oracy in their own lessons, sometimes by using debates, and sometimes by using other games and strategies. 

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