PiXL Primary Conference January 16th 2020

Over 1,000 delegates gathered at Methodist Central Hall for the PiXL Primary conference on 16 January to expand their knowledge at an event where the central theme was “Less is More: Review and Realign”. Keynote speaker Jaz Ampaw-Farr truly epitomised the difference that teachers can make to a child’s future. Born into a life of poverty, abuse and neglect, Jaz’s trajectory looked set to be a downward one. But with the belief and support of her teachers, she developed the confidence and resilience that saved her from a life of prostitution, drugs and crime, eventually training as a teacher herself. In a moving speech detailing her personal struggle, Jaz inspired the whole room, bringing many to tears but truly demonstrating the belief of a ‘better future and brighter hope’ that a teacher can instil into the young people they teach.

With this strong sense of empowerment in her own mind, Noisy Classroom’s Debbie Newman addressed the delegates on the benefits of debate in the primary school. Debbie shared how the practice of debate not increases confidence, but also allows pupils to begin to think critically, analysing their own views and the views of others. Debbie explained how the development of such skills can have a powerful impact on other subjects as the pupil expands their vocabulary and begins to learn how to question and evaluate what they’ve learnt. At a breakout session in the afternoon, Debbie spoke on the importance of debate and critical thinking and shared several games and activities that teachers could use in their own classrooms.

Noisy Classroom will be working with PiXL Primary over the coming months to help schools to embed a culture of debate in the classroom and the wider ethos of the school. PiXL Primary schools should look out for monthly debate topics and download the free oracy resources.



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