Telling jokes! Families that laugh together survive isolation together

Using humour can help everybody to get through the day.

There are so many ways to encourage more joke-telling at home. You could:

  • Challenge your kids to put together a one, three or five minute stand-up routine. At the end of the day, all sit together to watch.
  • Come up with a theme in the morning and set the kids the task of finding out or making up jokes around that theme. Share them all at dinner time. Themes could be animals, food, families, space, cartoon characters etc
  • Organise a joke-off between two children (or a child and adult). Face off and take turns telling jokes – who can keep going the longest?

For joke ideas try the following websites :

Want to kill two birds with one stone? This workbook gets your kids practising cursive writing and will give them joke ideas to bring to mealtime…

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