Sports stars are bad role models for young people

  • Is it fair that sports stars get paid so much more than teachers or police?
  • Does looking up to sports stars encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do sports stars lead good lives outside of the sports pitch?
  • What do we learn from their behaviour on the pitch?
  • Is it realistic that most children could become sports stars?
  • What makes a good or a bad role model
  • Are there as many female as male sports stars?

FACT: The last five BBC Sport Personalities of the Year have been Lewis Hamilton (racing driver), Andy Murray (tennis player), Sir Bradley Wiggins (cyclist), Mark Cavendish (cyclist) and A P McCoy (horse racing jockey). They are all men.

FACT: The average starting salary for a teacher is roughly £22,000 a year. The average salary for a Premier League footballer is £31,000 a week.

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