Where do you stand?

This video, funded by Linklaters’ Learn for Work and featuring pupils from Holmleigh Primary School in Hackney, looks at a really good activity using movement to help answer the question “Where do you stand?”

The video is ideal either for use in teacher CPD, or as a starter / stimulus to show to pupils at the start of a lesson.

The video on this page streams from Vimeo, one of the web’s most trusted providers. A few schools block Vimeo; if yours is one of them, use the backup video link below. If neither of these videos work for you, please get in touch.

The video was kindly funded by Linklaters.

Credits Workshop leader: Jack Gamble • Co-writer, director, camera and edit: Harold Raitt at SeeHearTeach.com • Sound recording: Julian Willson

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2 thoughts on “Where do you stand?”

  1. i really appreciated the way students debate.i suppose that the debate helps students not only improving speaking and listening skills,but also turn them into self confidence.fantastic.

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