Games and exercises

Talking Pictures

Here’s a fun one to try with the ‘Talkr App’: 30 seconds to give an insight into a modern /historical or literary figure. The app allows you to turn any photo or picture into a 3-D speaking character. You can also play around with the pitch to alter the voice of the ‘character’. Either capture …

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Let’s Talk About…What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

What’s wrong with the pictures below? Spot the deliberate mistakes! There are so many odd things going on in these seemingly normal every day scenes! How many things can your kids spot? Some great stimulus for discussion! #KeepKidsTalking  Talk about what’s wrong, and how they’d do it differently.      

Board Games to Encourage Speaking and Listening and Communication

These classic board games can be purchased at Amazon at the links below. However, don’t worry if you aren’t able to get the games because they can easily be replicated at home with a little preparation. Articulate / Taboo (2+ players) Skills: vocabulary development, fast thinking, communication, team-work Articulate Taboo DIY Instructions: First, devise a …

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Let’s Talk About….Cooking!

Let’s talk about cooking with children! Our Learning and Development Manager Alison has a ten year old nephew who is a whiz at cooking egg fried rice! Alison is desperate for the method, so her nephew is going to do a video tutorial as they can’t get together. You’ve undoubtedly been cooking with your kids …

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Ten Good Reasons

Choosing a favourite ice cream based on personal preference alone is easy enough…but what if you had to make a case to save your favourite flavour of ice-cream from eternal oblivion? You might need to put some stronger arguments together than “it’s the most delicious flavour”! This activity requires a little research and works well …

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Rebuttal tennis

The ball’s in your court, as singles and doubles players line up for some quick-witted rallies of responses.

Boxing match debate

“Roll up, roll up for the boxing match debate”, the Noisy Classroom’s big-hitter for differentiation and teamwork.

Where do you stand?

Are you on one side, or the other? Who occupies the centre ground? Are you part of a group or out on a limb?

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